Central control system renovation benefits

Retrofit Solutions for Golf Course Irrigation

Less maintenance and repair

Renovate your irrigation system with Rain Bird products. The latest generation of central control systems ensures less maintenance and high reliability. Rain Bird’s golf rotors have been proven to be the most reliable and durable in the market.

Improve efficiency

The older the irrigation system, the less efficient irrigation becomes. Badly designed and installed extensions, incorrect rotor and nozzle replacements, pressure issues and aging of irrigation materials alters irrigation uniformity. Renovation of the irrigation system will optimize uniformity and save water.

Reduce operating costs

Helpful Tools

Renovation Tips Brochure

The latest technologies save resources and manpower and as a result benefits will be gained from your investment immediately. Installation of the latest central control system will ensure that water, electricity and labor costs are reduced. Simple solutions exist to retrofit your current central control system, whatever system it may be.

Use modern tools to manage irrigation

With PC based solutions, improvement in central control management is vastly increased. Rain Bird PC based central control systems manage irrigation requirements by monitoring and reacting immediately to field condition changes.

Rain Bird is committed to cross-system compatibility and upgrade capability.

Consult your Rain Bird representative to know more about your Central Control Renovation Solution:

  • Solution I - Software conversion kit
  • Solution II - Rain Bird Decoder Systems
  • Solution III - Satellite conversion kit
  • Solution IV - PAR+ES Electronic Satellites
  • Solution V - PAR + ES-Dec Decoder Satellites