Electronic satellite-based system renovation

Long term Satellite System users, upgrade your system

The PAR+ES Satellite controllers

This solution consists in replacing the existing satellites (Rain Bird or competitor) with Rain Bird PAR+ES electronic satellites.

PAR + ES electronic satellite controllers are installed on the bases of the old satellites. They have a maximum capacity of 72 stations (the basic model controls 16 stations to which are added 8-station OSM modules). This allows several existing satellites to be combined on a single PAR + ES.

The PAR + ES satellite has 6 automatic programs and 2 manual programs.

In the event of a loss of signal from the central system, the satellite automatically switches to LOCAL mode and operates according to the 6 stored automatic programs.

The PAR + ES satellite incorporates surge protection systems.

What benefits can be expected?

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You retain all the advantages of the satellites with the added benefit of the user-friendly Rain Bird software.
If you wish, you can combine Satellite and Decoder interfaces on the same golf course.

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