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Riviera Adria d.d., the largest tourism company in Croatia operates major hotels and vacation rental apartments along the Adriatic coast. As the properties were developed throughout the years, the number of irrigated landscaped areas surrounding the hotels, swimming pools, apartments at destination Poreč grew to over 150,000m2 (1.6 million square feet).

The irrigation systems were installed by a variety of local contractors, and each system was operated on an arbitrary run-time setting without seasonal adjustment. Riviera Adria managers consulted with In-Aqua, a local Rain Bird distributor, on effective ways to reduce its water consumption and better manage multiple properties’ irrigation needs. In-Aqua advised upgrading to IQ™ v2.0 Central Control to enable central management of the irrigation system and help reduce water consumption. In-Aqua also recommended installing pressure-regulating components to further reduce water usage.

One of the reasons IQ was installed is its ability to work with standard wired controllers, decoder controllers, and battery-operated controllers. This flexibility allowed the TBOS-II™ Battery-Operated Controllers, and the ESP-LXME and ESP-LXD 2-Wire Decoder Controllers to be used were each was best suited.
At locations with larger irrigated areas, Flow Sensors and master valves were installed, allowing IQ to shut down the system and prevent water loss when field components were damaged. IQ’s Learn Flow Utility provided an excellent tool to learn station flow rates so that managers could track water usage and maintain control over system hydraulics.
A solar-powered WS-PROLT Weather Station provides daily weather data to IQ. Using this data, irrigation schedules are automatically adjusted based on evapotranspiration (ET) values, which help deliver exact water requirements and reduce water waste. Reducing water pressure to optimal rates using PRS-Dial regulators on PGA Series Valves and PSI Series Pressure Regulators on DV Series Valves also reduced water usage.
“The increasing overall water costs and the convincing presentation of In-Aqua about previous water-saving successes made us decide to install IQ on a few of our sites at the end of 2012,” says Mr. Gregorovic, manager of the technical maintenance department. “Immediate results were noticed during the 2013 season and we decided to retrofit all of our sites in Poreč and integrate them into IQ.” An internal evaluation carried out after IQ and pressure-regulating components were installed demonstrated water savings from 25 percent to 50 percent at individual locations.

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