Soil moisture sensor Kit
  • Turns any controller into a smart controller
  • Simple, reliable design with two main components (sold as kit):
    - In-Ground Soil Moisture Sensor
    - Sensor Control User interface
  • Digital TDT™ sensor enables highly accurate readings that are independent of soil temperature and electrical conductivity (EC)

Water Savings:

  • Adds closed-loop feedback to irrigation systems, conserving water through on-off system control based on digital measurement of the soil’s volumetric water content. The sensor takes soil moisture readings every 10 minutes. When the sensor detects dry conditions prior to the normal watering cycle, that cycle is allowed. When the soil is above the set moisture threshold, the watering cycle is suspended to avoid wasting water.
  • Typical water savings of 40% or more.


Digital TDT™ Soil Moisture Sensor:

  • Precisely measures and displays soil temperature and electrical conductivity (EC)
  • Corrosion-resistant in-ground sensor made of high-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • No maintenance sensor – just bury and forget.
  • Moisture readings remain stable as soil salinity and temperature change.
  • Sensor never needs calibration.

User Interface with LCD Readout:

  • Touchpad keys with digital LCD readout to display: 
    - Absolute Volumetric Water Content, 0-100%
    - Soil temperature in Dahrenheit or Celsius 
    - Soil conductivity in dS/m
    - Seven-cycle irrigation history
    - Suspended/allowed watering indicator
    - Bypass mode indicator
  • Automatic moisture threshold setting with increase/decrease adjustment.
  • Sensor bypass touchpad key for easy deactivation.
  • Up to two independent zones can be isolated from sensor.
  • Designed for outdoor installation.

SMRT-Y Kit: includes Controller User Interface and In-Ground Soil Moisture Sensor.

Operating temperature range: -20°c to 70°c.
Survival temperature range: -40°c to 85°c.

Sensor Control
Overall width: 76 mm
Overall Height: 76 mm
Overall depth: 19 mm

In-Ground Soil Moisture Sensor (without wires)
Overall width: 50mm
Overall Length: 200mm
Overall depth: 12mm

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