Swing Pipe

The flexible swing joint absorbs impacts and any pressure caused by cars or turf maintenance equipment.

• Simplicity: Unique material offers excellent pipe flexibility and greater kink resistance for fast, efficient installation.
• Reliability: The barbed fittings resistance to handling is significantly greater than that of other flexible swing pipe.
• Durability: SPX-FLEX swing pipe are designed to withstand high pressure and pressure spikes. Their easy installation ensures the most reliable connection every time.
• Available in several coil lengths: 30 m or 100 m.
• Linear, low density polyethylene material.
• Kink-resistant, ultra-flexible version.
• Colour: Black with green stripes for easier identification.
• Special packaging: Coil is easier to unroll.

SPX-Flex: 30 m roll.
SPX Flex: 100 m roll.

Nominal inside diameter: 12.5 mm.
Minimum wall thickness: 2.5 mm.
Maximum operating pressure and temperature: 5.5 bar and 43°c.

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