Wireless rain/freeze sensor
  • Designed for 24 vac residential and commercial irrigation systems.
  • Intelligent irrigation shutoff device. programming logic within the wrs can suspend irrigation when the amount  of rainfall exceeds the rainfall set point. Likewise, the wireless rain/freeze sensor will suspend irrigation when the system reaches a programmed low temperature set point.
  • Sensor Led indicator enables one person set up, reducing installation time.
  • Water Savings:

- Caves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically sensing precipitation and interrupting irrigation during rain and low temperature events.
- “Quick shut off” feature suspends irrigation during rain events.
- Convenient adjustment and monitoring of rain or freeze settings at the controller interface.

  • Reliability and ease of use:

- Highly intuitive icon-driven controller interface simplifies programming.
- Enhanced antenna array provides superior signal reliability that overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions.
- Simple battery replacement requiring no tools or need to disassemble sensor.
- Easy to install, self-leveling sensor bracket mounts to flat surfaces or rain gutters.
- High-grade, Uv resistant polymer units resist harmful environmental affects.

WR2-RFC: rain/freeze combo.

  • Adjustable rainfall settings from 3 to 19 mm.
  • Adjustable low temperature settings from 0.5° to 5°C (Rain/Freeze model only)
  • Three irrigation modes to select: programmed, suspend irrigation for 72 hours, Override sensor for 72 hours.
  • Interface delivered with 76,2 cm of cable to connect to the controller.
  • WR2 wireless sensor communication range: superior to 90 m.



  • Suitable for use with 24 VAC controllers (with or without pump start / master valve)
  • Electrical rating suitable for use with up to six 24VACc 7VA solenoids plus an additional master valve or pump start that does not exceed 53VA controller interface wire: 76 cm length of 0.64 mm UV resistant extension wire.
  • Antenna adjusts to maintain optimal signal strength transmission and reduce power consumption.
  • Battery life: three or more years under normal operating conditions.
  • 6 KV surge/lighting protection.

WR2 Controller Interface

- Width: 7,9 cm
- Length: 17,2 cm
- Depth: 3,3 cm
- Distance between mounting holes: 15,9 cm

WR2 Sensor Assembly

- Sensor Length: 14,7 cm
- Attachment Bracket Length: 11,7 cm
- Distance bet ween mounting holes: 10,8 cm
- Horizontal displacement (bracket + fixed ball arm): 14,1 cm

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