L36H / L36AH

3/4" Impact Sprinklers

These sprinklers are designed specifically for use on center pivots and linier machines. Major applications include Undertree, Nurseries, Pivots and Linears, Wastewater Systems and Permanent Systems.

  • Durable Delrin™ plastic and body arm
  • AH unit has standard spoon for smaller nozzles
  • H unit has slotted spoon for larger nozzles
  • Exceptionally wide range of quick-fit nozzles
  • Stainless steel springs and fulcrum pin
  • Brass bearing sleeve
  • Chemically resistant washers
  • Two-year warranty
  • Superior chemical and grit resistance
  • Low angle fights strong wind conditions
  • Great choice for pivot or under tree applications
  • Easy maintenance
  • Added design flexibility
  • Built to last
  • L36H
  • L36AH
  • Bearing: 3/4" Male NPT, Brass
  • Trajectory Angle: 10 degrees
  • Operating Range: 20-60 psi (1.4-4.1 bar)
  • Flow Rate: 1.6-17.8 GPM (0.36-4.04 m 3 /h)
  • Radius: 40-61ft. (12.2-18.76 m)

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