Polypro Valve Boxes - Valve Boxes with the Best Value for Money.

Rectangular and round valve boxes made of plastic permit easy access to electric and manual valves and other equipment used in automatic irrigation installations. These valve boxes are highly recommended for residential systems.

• Boxes made of black polypropylene. Green cover made of same material
• Cover included (except extensions)
• Extensions available for models VBA02674 and VBA02675
• Aesthetic, lightweight, and nest within each other to reduce freight costs
• Lockable cover
• Exclusive T-COVER
- Easy to identify : Molded model number and Rain Bird Marking
- Easy to open : Built-in hole and Built-in notch for 2 in 1 lifting key
• Pre-cut pipe inlets and outlets : No tools required

  • VBA17186: Round irrigation hydrant with built-in 3/4” (20/27) valve
  • VBA02672: Round valve box with bayonet-type cover
  • VBA02673: Round valve box with clip-on cover
  • VBA02674 and VBA02675: Rectangular valve boxes with bolt lock cover
  • VBA02676 and VBA07777: Extensions for models
  • VBA02674 and VBA02675 (less cover)
  • VBA02674C and VBA02675C: Covers for valve box models VBA02674 and VBA02675 and for extensions VBA02676 and VBA07777

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