Rain Bird’s galvanized, Self-Cleaning Rotating Pump Suction Screen removes rubbish and debris from water sources, saving time and money in energy, pumping efficiency and maintenance costs. With a heavy 10 mesh (1,5 mm) stainless steel screen, this product will increase your pump efficiency for many years to come.

• Heavy galvanized steel construction completely corrosion resistant with removable basket for service.
• Heavy stainless steel 10-mesh (1,5 mm) screen fabric covering.
• Dual rotating bars with jets continually blasting debris from screen.
• Several flanged connections available.
• Heavy bearing for long life.
• All-metal, non-plastic construction without exterior moving part for better reliability.
• “Y-strainer” providing easy access for cleaning and preventing the spray nozzles from plugging.
• No specific angle for operating.
• Supplied with standard US flanged connections.