PC-12, PC-18 Series

Pressure-Compensating Modules

Point-source medium-flow emitters for watering larger shrubs and trees, and for precisely regulating water flow to Xeri-Bubblers and Xeri-Sprays.

• Pressure-compensating design delivers uniform flow throughout a wide pressure range (0,7 to 3,5 bars)
• Self-piercing barbs for quick one-step emitter Insertion into 1⁄2”or 3⁄4” drip tubing.
• Inlet and outlet barbs securely retain 1⁄4” distribution tubing(XQ-100, XQ-1000)
• Robust design - durable plastic construction is UV-resistant.
• Made from highly inert materials that are resistant to chemicals.
• Color-coded outlet identifies flow rate.

  • PC-12: (Dark brown) 45,42 l/h
  • PC-18: (White) 68,13 l/h

Flow: 45,42 to 68 l/h
Pressure: 0,7 to 3,5 bars
Required Filtration: 150-micron

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