• The Pressure-Regulating (P/R) Filter reduces the number of components in a control zone, making it smaller and easier to install. More control zones can fit in one valve box !
  • Combination unit reduces the number of connections, making installation easier and saving time.
  • The P/R filter provides increased reliability - fewer parts and fewer threaded connections mean less chance of a leak both at installation and also over the life of the system.

Unique, compact unit that combines filtration and pressure regulation in one unit for protection of downstream components in a drip irrigation system.

  • Static regulates pressure to a nominal 2 bar - P/R RBY filter cap has sealing o-ring and unthreads to provide access to the filter element for easy cleaning.
  • 2 bar pressure regulator is integrated into filter body.
  • Body and cap made of glass filled nylon, providing 10,3 bar pressure rating.
  • Works with all valves to create a simple, efficient control zone.
  • PRF-075-RBY: 3/4’’ RBY pressure regulating filter
  • I-PRF-100-RBY: 1’’ RBY pressure regulating filter

Pressure: 1,4 to 10,3 bars.
Flow: 3/4” units: 114 to 1136 liters/hour. 1” units: 681 to 3407 liters/hour.
Filtration: 75 microns.
Regulated pressure: 2,0 bar (3/4”) or 2,8 bar (1”)

RBY-200mX: 75 micron replacement screen

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