Field decoders

FD-101/FD-102/ FD-202/FD-401/FD-601

Decoders are installed out of sight to help protect them from the elements and vandalism.
Select different decoders to operate one, two, four, or six valves/solenoids. Five different decoders let you choose the amount of control you need.

• Waterproof resin encapsulated circuitry ensure long and trouble-free life.
• Factory preset address codes.

  • FD-101: 1 address, 1 solenoid per station
  • FD-102: 1 address, 1 or 2 solenoids per station
  • FD-202: 2 addresses, 1 or 2 solenoids per station
  • FD-401: 4 addresses, 1 solenoid per station
  • FD-601: 6 addresses, 1 solenoid per station

• Installation: in valve box or direct burial.
• Input: 2 blue wires connected to the signal line.
• Output: 2 color cables per address.
• Maximum of 100 meters distance between decoders and solenoids using 1.5 mm wire.
• Power consumption: under 1MA in passive mode or maximum of 18MA per address code in operation.
• Working temperature range: 0° to 50° C.
• Storage temperature range: -20° to 70° C.
• Built-in surge protection for FD-401 and FD-601.

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