Multi-site central control system
  • From the central controller, irrigation systems at multiple sites can be scheduled for: days to water, run times, cyclical scheduling, linking schedules, sensor starts, Cycle+Soak™ schedules, etc.
  • Map view capabilities include now support for jpg and pdf.
  • Weather sources can be monitored by Maxicom, calculating daily ET values and automatically adjusting station run times to replace only the water used.

Central software fetures

  • System utilizes the central controller installed at a primary location. Information is transmitted from this central controller to a Cluster Control Unit (CCU) or ESP-Site satellite in the field.
  • Manual operation of system from the central controller or from the field satellite units.
  • Up to four manual operation dialog boxes can be opened simultaneously.
  • Operation of lighting systems (such as athletic field lighting), security gates, fountains, pumps, sensors, or other systems can also be managed from one central Maxicom² location.
  • Remote system control - take control of your system and operate maxicom² from anywhere using the Rain Bird FREEDOM System.
  • Maxicom² software pre-installed in a computer supplied by rain Bird including 1 day of rain Bird on site assistance/training and 1-year GSP.

Water management features

  • Low flow alarm alerts when flow in a designated section of the irrigation system falls below a pre-determined threshold level, or when there is no flow (zero flow) when flow is expected.
  • Odd/even scheduling allows system to irrigate on Odd, Even, or Odd31 days; exclusion days feature allows designation of weekdays when irrigation should not occur.
  • Irrigation start days are easily scheduled to meet complex watering requirements.
  • Station operating times can be automatically adjusted in response to changing daily et values supplied by a rain Bird weather station or user input.
  • Irrigation and weather factors, such as soil infiltration rate and rainfall intensity, can be compared to determine the exact effect weather has on irrigation needs.
  • Cycle+Soak™ feature optimizes the watering of poor drainage sites, slopes, and heavy soil areas.
  • Flo-watch™ monitors hydraulic conditions in the field, checking for breaks in system piping or valve malfunctions. in the event of an overflow problem (line break, etc), the system will automatically identify where the problem is located, initiate valve or mainline shutdown, and send an alarm message identifying where the problem occurred and the action taken to isolate the problem.
  • Flo-Manager™ monitors and sequences valves scheduled to be turned on, so expected demand does not exceed hydraulic capacity.
  • Schedules can start, advance, pause, or cancel according to sensor input (rain, wind, etc) from the field.
  • Alarm message automatically alerts the user of problems in the field.

Communication option

  • Direct Hardwire
  • Analog phone line
  • GSM modem
  • Remote System Control - Take control of Maxicom² using the FREEDOM System

Maxicom² software pre-installed in a computer supplied by rain Bird including 1 day of rain Bird on site assistance/training and 1-year gsp.

Global support plan

MAXICOM²® central control system purchase comes with one-year Global Support Plan (GSP) including: phone support, Ultra vnc remote system diagnostics and data backup if the system configuration allows it, software update, discount on 48h hardware replacement, discount on software upgrade.

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