The Turf Industry’s Only Full-featured Central Control System

Interactive, map-based software is easy to use and provides real time decision making.
Unparalleled communications flexibility with decoders and/or satellites.
Advanced water management features maximize landscape conditions and water saving.

Basic Control Features

  • From the sitecontrol central controller, the irrigation system can be scheduled for days to water, run times, linking schedules, sensor starts, cycle and soak schedules, et sensitized scheduling, etc...
  • Interactive map allows for maximum control yet easy programming, monitoring and troubleshooting for operator
  • Verify programming down to station level with the intuitive dry run feature
  • Manual operation of system from central computer via direct manual access
  • Operation of non-irrigation applications such as lighting, security gates, fountains, pumps, sensors, etc...

Advanced Graphical Mapping

  • Maps generated by gps technology, Autocad or overhead photography recreate your site
  • Interactive mapping and on-screen graphics show your complete site with location of individual valves and sprinklers. Extensive status reporting is a click away
  • Map Utilities software module allows you to measure distances and areas from your map

Smart Weather™

  • Designed to take complete advantage of Rain Bird’s most advanced line of weather stations
  • Track et rates with a weather station and react to current weather conditions through logical sequential steps
  • Advanced warning system accepts userdefined sensor thresholds. System operator can be immediately alerted if thresholds are exceeded

Automatic ET Features

  • Automatically adjusts run times in relation to changes in evapotranspiration values.
  • Minimum et allows setting threshold for irrigation to occur, promoting deep watering.


  • Provides rain shutdown and then adjusts runtimes based on measured rainfall

Expanded System Capability

  • Can control a single site with up to 8locations, upgradeable to 16, each consisting of common areas and special areas
  • Flexible: can operate satellites and/or decoders via a 2-wire path
  • Expandable : The Satellite based System can control 28 up to 112 channels (112 to 448 using SiteControl Plus)
  • The decoder based system can control 500 decoders addresses ( up to 2000 using 4 MDI’s with SiteControl Plus)

Remote System Control

  • Take control of your system and operate sitecontrol from anywhere on your site using the Rain Bird freedOm system. Available via phone, cellular phone or Uhf radio

Superior monitoring and programming

  • Flo-graph™ provides real-time graphics with individual station information presented in colorful charts
  • Flo-manager™ balances system demands and maximum capacities with efficiency, helping to lower water demand, reduce system wear and tear, and save energy
  • Cycle + Soak.™:  better control the application of water on slopes and in areas with poordrainage
  • Quickirr™ and simpleirr™ : quick and easy methods to build irrigation schedules and programs based on your parameters
  • Print Office feature prints all monitor log and site information in a clean and concise format for easy site monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Smartsensors™ allows monitoring flow and other conditions, as well as setting specific reactions selected by the user


Software modules options: See Rain Bird Price List for details


Central Control System purchase comes with one-year Global Support Plan (GSP) including: phone support, Ultra vnc remote system diagnostics and data backup if the system confi guration allows it, software update, discount on 48h hardware replacement, discount on software upgrade.

WS-PRO-LT: Weather Station Light
WS-PRO: Weather Station

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