What should I do to shut down my system in the winter?

Please consult our Winterization Guide.

What maintenance do I need to do on my irrigation system?

Monthly you should: Adjust timer settings. 1. Check and adjust sprinkler sprays. 2. Clean mainline filter (if installed).

Once per season you should: If necessary Clean filters in all sprinkler heads. 1. Manually operate each valve. 2. Check wire and wire nuts for any damage. 3. Unclog sprinkler heads. 4. Adjust installation levels of heads to ground level.

What is a date code and where can I find it?

The date code indicates when a product was manufactured. It's another way we can track quality. A date code includes abbreviations of the day, month and year a product was made. It looks something like this: 17SE00. On sprinklers, you can usually find the date code on the sprinkler's top edge, though it may be difficult to see. If you are unable to see a date code on the sprinkler in question, take a piece of chalk and rub it around the edge. The code should then be highlighted. On controllers, the date code label may be in one of several areas. Check the back of the unit, inside the door, under the outside of the controller where the wires come into the timer, or on the front panel of the timer near the fuse.