What should I do to shut down my system in the winter?

Please consult our Winterization Guide.

What should I do to restart my program in the spring?

Please consult our Winterization Guide

How can I get the user manual of a Rain Bird product?

Have a look at the Manuals section.

What should I do when it rains?

Most timers have a button for shutting down for rain. In addition, connecting to a Rain Shutoff Device (Rain Bird model RSD-BEx) allows automatic shutdown during rainy weather.

What time of day should I water?

Rain Bird recommends watering early in the morning, followed by evening watering. Water in the middle of the day only if it is cool or if you have a new lawn requiring constant moisture. You only should water more than once per day if evaporation is extreme or if your soil won’t hold water because of the clay content or the slope of a hill causes too much runoff.

How often should I water my lawn and for how long?

Because each lawn is unique, the answer to this question can vary greatly. The best watering times and length of watering depends on your climate, the type of grass and soil conditions. It is generally preferable to water infrequently for a longer period of time than frequently for short periods. Watering infrequently provides deep water sources that roots search for. Frequent watering promotes surface root growth. For specific information, we suggest you contact your nearest nursery, garden center, or the local horticultural extension office and consult with them about a watering schedule best suited to your area.